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[02 Feb 2029|12:53pm]

Yes yes My page is Friends Only. But only 90% of it.
If you wish to be added please leave a note on this post.
Thank you ^o^

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Hey all [11 Jul 2007|07:42am]

A few things to post about today. The heat wave is killing me. Really it is. I am constantly sweating which makes it horrible for sewing -_- But today my aunt and I are going to slowly start cleaning out my new room upstairs. I need a place to set up my new baby ^-^ Mary at work has a neighbor getting rid of a Bearded Dragon and i said I'd take him. I went to see him yesterday and he is soo cute. Besides being a bit small for his age (due to them not feeding him right) he was very healthy and allert. I cant wait to get him and take him for a walk ^o^

On another side some of you might know but my friends on Grenadecrew are in a vote with a group of top bands. The voteing ends on teh 20th of this month and the top band will get a major label debute. Curently they are tied for first place with a band. If you would like to help vote for Grenadecrew here is the link:


They have a clip of their award nominated song "Good Bye" on the site.

(sorry for the double post for some of you)

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Philly Convention [07 May 2007|08:57pm]

So it seems philadelphia will have its own 3 day convention this november. http://www.tandokucon.com/New%20Homepage.html

haha they have a kick ass guest list so far. Dude I am so going to try and go for it just to see chrispin freeman and johnny young Bosh. ^-^ Wonder who else will end up going as a guest.

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Mythbusters [30 Apr 2007|10:00pm]
hahah so I finally saw the entire Ninja Mythbusters episode. Its funny. So I guess the Pirate Vs. Ninja made it to the show seeing as how two weeks ago they had an all pirates episode. Anyways for anyone who wants to see it they have a special Ask a Ninja Ninja episode on the site:


enjoy ^-^
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ugg [28 Apr 2007|07:46pm]

Worst part about summer is teh amount of work that gets added onto my usual work -_- So much to do.. I am always so tired and sore by the tiem I get home and now I have been waking up in pain. My friend Cat said it may be arthritus settling in on the hip I broke a few years ago and the knee I tore when I was younger. I hope not though. I hope itsjust teh shift in weather that is doing it -_-

I also found out the older gentleman across the street died yesterday. It is sad. he was very good friends with my grandmother and just a very nice old man who always helped everyone around him. We were taking care of his house while he was in the hospital. I wonder what will happen to his nice things. I hope his bad nefew doesnt just sell everything. that would be so sad.

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tekkoshoucon [11 Apr 2007|09:15pm]
yes yes off on an adventure starting after work tomarrow. that means this si my last post for the next 4 days ^-^ yay trips!
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Email I recieved from the company Via my PetCo. Account [24 Mar 2007|05:53am]

P&G Pet Care Update
March 21, 2007

We want to provide an update on the recent recall of "wet" pet foods produced by Menu Foods, Inc.

We are deeply saddened by this situation. We know it has caused a lot of concern and has touched pet lovers throughout North America, including our own employees. We've received a lot of questions, so we want to give you the latest information.

First, we want to assure you that this recall affects only a small portion of our "wet" pet food products manufactured at the Menu Foods plant in Emporia, Kansas. We have a variety of canned wet food products that are currently available on store shelves that are not affected in any way by this recall.

We also want to assure you that our Iams and Eukanuba dry foods are safe for your pet to eat and are readily available in stores. These foods are not part of the recall - there are no concerns at all about dry food. P&G manufactures Iams and Eukanuba dry foods at our own plants, not at Menu Foods.

You may wonder why some "wet" food was produced at Menu Foods. In fact, virtually every pet food company commonly uses outside partners for special or small volume items. Nonetheless, the different branded products made by Menu are not "the same". Our Iams and Eukanuba pet foods have unique recipes and important ingredient differences that distinguish them from other pet food brands.

Because of our concern for pets and their well-being, we took immediate action to voluntarily participate in Menu Foods' "wet" food product recall and to work with retailers to get the small portion of our "wet" products affected by the recall off all store shelves in the U.S. and Canada.

Until the root cause of this pet health issue is found, we will not produce any more of these products at the Emporia plant. We'll keep you updated when we have more information on this.

Pets are an important part of all of our families. P&G Pet Care employees share your concerns and are firmly committed to you and the health of your pet. We are working hard to respond to your questions, and provide the information and help you need.

We value your trust and confidence during this extremely difficult time.

P&G Pet Care


  • For a list of products involved, see the new Iams website for more details.
  • Learn how to read the product codes on food packages.
    This document is in PDF format and can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Should there still be unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.
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UPDATE on Pet food recall! [23 Mar 2007|10:28pm]

The drug in the food is a type of Rat poison. The company is recalling ALL of their foods. All 98 Brands. Recheck the list at www.menufoods.com also here is teh new article about the recall: http://www.comcast.net/news/index.jsp?cat=GENERAL&fn=/2007/03/23/618192.html&cvqh=itn_petfood

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Pet food recall [19 Mar 2007|08:37am]

Just thought everyone should know the US, canada, and Mexico are having a major cat and dog food recall:


The lists are there. There are 40 brands of Cat food and 48 brands of dog food recalled for an undisclosed reason though it does have something to do with animals dieing shortly after eating the food. If you have a cat or a dog and buy them wet canned or Pouch food please check the list.

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here are my new fish [04 Mar 2007|07:35pm]

well I went wild with the camera hahah I love the fish tank so much I just take to many pictures of it. I have noticed that a couple of the fish love the camera too. the small catfish kept comming up to the side and taking a closer look. Well here they all are:


yeah a lot of pics ^-^;; the fish are all blurry because they move so fast haha. I need a faster camera to get better shots.

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[07 Feb 2007|01:38pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Dir en Grey Concert Review February 6th Philadelphia Theater of Living Arts

 The day started off with us having planned to be at the concert location around 1pm. Happily that did not happen. We ended up getting there around 3pm and found a parking spot heading to the line.

(Dir en Grey sign with a HUGE pile of Trash infront. Welcom eto Philapelphia)

On the way to the line jennii and I ran into Nora carrying Kyos bucket and the bands towels. She was glad I was there but we didn’t talk long because it was frikkin cold out @-@. After that we proceeded down the alley where we meet up with a couple of Jenniis friends. After that we proceeded to take turns walking around the block, sitting in the car, and going to Starbucks to use the restroom. Pretty much all of the 30 or so people in line were doing just about the same thing. Though they all looked like homeless people sitting on the bird poop filled sidewalk covered in 20 blankets. to sum it up it was about -20F in a very small dirty alley in a lot of layers of clothes. Not the most pleasant line wait ever. the most entertaining things that happened while we waited was a bunch of the kids decided to draw on the wall. It was funny until one drew Kyo with a bucket on his head that said "Rape me" that just isn’t funny. Also at one point in time a Fire truck showed up and the firemen kept coming down the alley shining lights at the building as if it was or fire or something. I was very happy when they went away. i would have been pissed if the building was on fire or something.

With the rest of the wait being uneventful i ditched my coat about an hour before the doors opened since there was: No Coat check, no cameras, no Glow sticks, no Sharpies, no food, no water, and no weapons. i am glad I ditched it. I would have had to worry about it the whole concert if I hadn’t. While we were moving though someone handed me some Christian hotline card with the number 1-800-999-9999 on it. SO I flipped it over and went "ooo its the devils card 1-800-666-6666" right after I dropped it I found $20.00!! THANK YOU DEVIL CARD!! We got in and there was a fair amount of people at the stage. it wasn’t anything like the diagram of the building showed -_- the stage was not angled out so if you were on the side you didn’t get to see the person in front of you. me, one girl, and a guy named Ryan (or even I am bad with names) went to the far left in front of the speakers and ended up in row 1 and two. i was right behind her so I could see Toshiya and Kaoru.

The first band Bleed the Dream ( http://www.last.fm/music/Bleed+the+Dream ) didn’t sound to bad to me. I just didn’t like the way they looked. They seemed a bit.. clashing with each other. The bassist looked like a dork that was trying to be cool, the guitarist was a lot older then the other members though he is probably the most talented player in the group. The lead singer.. he was wearing red Man thong >o< His pants started to fall down and I saw his red man thong >O< That was a total distraction from everything else. He was also making the security guard in front of us laugh because he kept almost hitting the security guy in the middle and he didn’t know it. SO from our angel it looked like he was being beaten down, almost got clocked by the mic, and was pointed at during some song about being suppressed ^-^;; we were cracking up with the security guy.

Band number two Fair to Midland ( http://www.last.fm/music/Fair+To+Midland ) was very... i don’t know this is the best summary I can give: Weird Al on Keyboard, Forest Gump on Bass, Jesus on Drums, The kid from that movie Napoleon Dynamite on Guitar, and a lead singer who escaped from the mental ward. Their instruments all look like they were bought at Wal-Mart (especially the mini guitar). It was funny and just scary. the lead singer kept having this string of drool from his mouth to his chest and then he would like flail around like Matt does when he's having a fit and spraying said spit all over the poor security guy. Again we were laughing out asses off at him with the Security guy in front of us. Then after a couple showers the two kind of switched places and it gave the wet guy enough time to wipe it off before the other guy came back laughing his head off and said "i cant do it.. you go back over there" and he proceeded to laugh even more. My sides were hurting from all the laughing. No one was doing more then a small "yay are you done yet?" type clap. the biggest reaction they got out of us was when they took they started to break down that bands stuff and we were happy they were leaving. Sad. So Sad. They could have at least gotten a good band to open. Though at least it was entertaining. Oh at one point that singer nearly fell into the drums, onto the Guitarist, and he did like ram head first into as speaker then kind of slivered over it. I liked it when he hit the speaker. It was so funny.

Then came the fun. they started to set up Dir en Grey's Items and with everything new that came out the louder the audience cheered. Nora was onstage putting towels and the bucket out and then she got Microphone duty and placed Kyos mics in place. Everyone was all hyper and at this time only one or two people got pulled out of the building. From what jennii told me they pulled the wrong guy out though. the fight was between these two guys because someone’s glasses got broken and their friend got between them and stopped the fight and they took the guy who stopped the fight out of the building -_- I hope he beats his friends for that. They didn’t even say anything they just let him take the fall for the whole thing. Sad sad world we live in. It took about half an hour or so for Dir en Grey to get set up. the final unveiling was the HUGE drum set for Shinya. God I love his drums. a very impressive set especially to the two baby set from the opening bands. Everyone was cheering and just wanting them to come out sooner then scheduled. They ended up coming out on time. Shinya came out and kind of snuck up to his Drums waiving at everyone, Die came out and was nodding and raising his arms getting people to cheer, Toshiya did a arm flex to show his manly muscles, I didn’t see what Kaoru did since I was in front of the speakers at that time so I could watch some of Kyo and Die on the other side. Kyo came and stepped up on his little stage crate raised his hands and took in the cheering fan girls before they started. i tried hard to ignore the gross images behind them. I don’t need nightmares @-@ i did watch and found that the first song Kyo couldn’t get the audience to sing when he wanted so he looked disappointed but for the rest of the songs everyone was singing and they didn’t even need back up vocals because the audience pretty much had that all down pat. After about 3 songs Die started getting really into the music and was jumping around really into his playing and Toshiya started to play to the audience raising his Bass up and signally to the audience to scream for him. It took Kaoru a bit longer to get into it like the others. he was kind of in his own world hiding under his hair. I don’t remember how many songs in that Kyo started his whole blood out of mouth things but I do remember seeing all the scars on his chest when he pulled his shirt off. there were so many. it was sad. When the blood did start to flow I kind of stepped to the second row behind the one girl so I could happily watch Toshiya and Kaoru better. I will admit though.. at one point when Toshiya was hunched over with his bass between his legs keeping the band highly entertained I did wish it was Karyu. ^-^;; in a way being that close it looked like Karyu when he stood up and let his hair stick to his face a bit. yeah I miss DespairsRay. Cant you tell? Nyaa ok back on subject. They played a really good set with the few songs they sung at Family Values Tour plus a few of the songs on their new CD Marrow of a Bone and a few of their older songs. I'll make a what I believe was Played list. It wont be complete. It wont be in order. You are a bit lucky I remember the songs usually concerts are a big blur to me ^-^;;













(This List includes the encore songs and is not complete I don’t feel like looking up the older songs they played.)


When the main set was over they left for a bit and we cheered and cheered then they kept sticking their hands out like "Common! We know you can Scream louder!!" so we did ^-^;; eventually they did come back out all smiles and raising their arms to keep us hyped up. They played 4 or 5 songs for the encore and for the majority of them Toshiya and Kaoru were standing in front of the stage mics and Kyo grinning at us and kind of making the fan girls go extremely nuts. Toshiya even did his little hand sign to everyone a bunch of times and pointed at random places in the audience. Kaoru was still shy about it but he wasn’t hiding behind his hair though he didn’t spend as much time in front like Toshiya did. The brief glances I got of Die he was doing the same thing up front getting the girls nuts then going back and jumping around again. It was all to short of a concert and before you knew it it was over. As they were leaving they chucked a good 10 guitar pics each into the audience. Jennii siad she got hit by one but didn’t catch it since she didn’t even know what it was that hit her. me and the guys with me Got splashed by Toshiyas water like.. in the face... at least it wasn’t spit @-@ Or Kyo blood yuck stuff.. then Shinyas drum stick went right behind me (i think Drummers like to get me attacked when they throw things) We snuck out of the front before the vultures started to beg for anything they could get from the stage. Unused water bottles and other things. I caught up with jennii, Alina, and the other girl before we tried to wiggle our way out of the crowd. Did not stop at the FYE booth where they were screaming about that "Pre-order the CD and enter a chance to meet the band!" yeah not worth it @-@ We headed back to Jennii's car to make the rounds dropping people off then getting lost on the Pennsylvania Turnpike trying to get me home since we couldn’t find I-76 it was around 1am when I got in and finally ate the yummy sandwich jennii made me (THANK You SOOO much!! that hit the spot ^o^) and then I hit the sac for about 3 hours before I had to get up take care of my lizards and answer the phone because School was on a 2 hour delay due to the snow we got last night.


Now the long wait for Katsucon begins. ^-^ Next event Two dinners with two members of Duel jewel ^o^

edit: having trouble with LJ cut so bare with it being not cutted for now till I get that fixed.

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Katsucon [04 Feb 2007|05:21pm]
Badge Rate with $5.00 off is only with the Baltimore concert tickets. Though they do not make that clear and it can probably be fought on since it isnt clear that they want ONLY Baltimore tickets. just figured I would post it ^-^
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katsucon 2007 [11 Jan 2007|09:58pm]
YAY ^O^ Hotel and Convention activities Update

People in the Room:
Aaron (Is that his name?)

Room for 1 more person so if you have a person who needs crash space we have it ^-^

Leave home
Cosplay Dinner 7pm - Meet up in the Hotel lobby to walk to a dinning facility

Badge Pick up
Duel Jewel Autograph and Photosession 4pm dealers Room (unless location changes)
(if i win) Dinner with Hayato of Duel Jewel Unknown time

Cosplay Breafest 7am

and that is all I have planned o-o There is like.. MAYBE 4 Jrock cosplayers on Cosplay.com that are going. I dont know or think there will be a photoshoot this time. Nothing is being mentioned on there about any lolita tea party or anything. We will see.

Sara: Do we still want to do the Jrock party? I'm not sure of how many people will be there or interested.

Everyone: Are we going to attempt a big group meal like last year? ^-^ I like to plan ahead.
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fucked up video [05 Jan 2007|06:30pm]
I do not know how to describe this past OMG this is a messed up game that is from a very old Japanese Animation

the anime:

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Katsucon [02 Jan 2007|09:49pm]

Guess whats comming up fast ^o^ KATSUCON!! YAY! So who all is going? I should start my Convention planning posts ^-^;;

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Sum up today [25 Dec 2006|06:33pm]

.. I am drunk.. like very stinking stumbling never be able to walk anywhere my body is so heavy and my arms  are so heavy I dont know how I am typing drunk. I have drunken  half abottle of 80 proof Voldka from Smirnoff. Does not taste good but damn does it make me feel good.  I apologize now for miss spelled words or any thing I really do not se ehow I am typing or how I am still drinking. for anyone that was at otakon this shit tastes like what we drank at Otakon and I am drinking twice as much with less soda mixed in.

I got my sewing machine and I have a sewing Dress form onthe way it was supose to come with the sewig machine. ^o^ i can't wait ^o^ I will be sewing all my February cosplay outfits now since this machie is heavy duty and does all kinds of stitches along with 3 diffefrent button holes ^o^ YAY!!!

Now to see how much more I can type nfore passing out. I feel so numb.. i will type a more sober post tomarrow.

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^o^ Had to get one after seeing it [12 Dec 2006|03:26pm]
a stocking ^-^

my xmas stockingCollapse )
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where to find me [29 Nov 2006|12:12pm]
Just incase you are all having problems finding me here are all the places you can find me online:

http://eoan-igan.livejournal.com/ (this is mainly friends only but I add just about anyone)



Between these places and here you will always know where I am and what I am doing.
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^o^ Check it out! [07 Nov 2006|12:14pm]
For those who did or did not go see the Family values Tour they are having a CD and DVD of the tour come out Dec 26th in stores. This includes Dir en Grey ^-^ 2 songs on teh CD and 2 songs on the DVD

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MUCC [03 Nov 2006|10:31pm]
^-^ Ok For my wonderful pose members that were at the MUCC concert at Otakon. If you want the DVD for that cocert you will need to order the CD that is being released Nov 8th


I have to wait and hope i can get oen next payday but yes yes that one will have United States Footage. ^-^ Just thought you would like to know since we were caught on camera a lot.
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